Custom 20x20 Raised Floor Trade Show Booth - Data Aire

Data Aire Inc. manufactures of Server Room Air Conditioners (large blue unit pictured in the display). GreveCo. designed this exhibit to display their product so that it appeared to be mounted and working in its normal attitude, which is on a manufactured raised floor in an office building server room. When the exhibit is completely assembled, the air unit appears to be installed on the raised floor.

A rotating sign was manufactured entirely by GreveCo. It sits on top of the 16 foot tall tower in the center of the booth, and spins at 3 rpm’s. Two monitors on the center tower play in a continuous loop explaining the Data Aire Inc. products. Product displays in the 2 front columns show cases the Data Aire’s Unity Cooling on the right front corner, and a Plug Fan in the left front corner.

Custom made steel hand rails made by GreveCo are powder-coated. The handrail frames have smoked Acrylic inserts so that the product can be seen from the outside of the booth.

This entire booth packs into 3 crates and weighing only about 1100 lbs. each.

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