GreveCo Trade Show Displays in Orange County use the latest in high tech equipment to efficiently manufacture clients show booths and exhibits.

A trade show display is a marketing tool used by companies at trade fairs or conventions to promote their new line of products.  It employs bold images and catchy slogans to capture and sustain audience attention.  The display device is available in various sizes, styles, and configurations.

Trade show booths are often composed of wall surfaces, where graphic images printed on substrates are securely fastened.  These booths may come in the form of pop up displays, aluminum extrusion booths, island displays, custom modular exhibits, or 2-story structures.  Trade show display may also consist of devices that are retractable or hung from the ceiling.

Trade show booths are used by companies to promote their brand and spread their marketing message.  It is important that these exhibit booths are manufactured and designed with precision, because they are a visual representation of a company’s image and reputation.  A basic knowledge of how these displays are produced will give one a better understanding and appreciation of their marketing impact.

There is an industry group that is solely dedicated to the manufacture and design of trade show booth.  Trade show display manufacturers develop portable, hybrid, and modular booths.  Most of these display manufacturers utilize exhibition systems for their material to provide ease of reconfiguration.  They also employ CNC routers in manufacturing trade show display structures.

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CNC Router for Trade Show Displays

A CNC router is a shaping machine that is controlled by a computer numerical control.  It is a computer controlled CNC variant that is used to cut plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, and other hard components.  A considerable number of configurations are available, from desktop CNC routers to large format CNC routers.  This machine also comes in 3 axis and 5 axis CNC router formats.

Computer controlled routers operate with the aid of CAD software (or Computer-Aided Drafting).  This software program is used to create, modify, and analyze a technical design that can potentially expand productivity, increase efficiency, and enhance design quality.

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  Trade Show Display - Wood Panel

There are two software applications that are generally used in CNC routers.  One application is programmed to create designs, and another to decode and transform those designs into a set of instructions for the machine.  CNC routers allow manufactures to produce smooth, consistent and identical pieces in a larger quantity and in excellent quality.

Through CNC routers, trade show display manufacturers are able to accurately cut out parts and pieces that will essentially comprise an exhibit booth.  This cutting tool provides manufacturers with limitless possibilities in terms of design and configuration techniques.  They are able to create different sized slots and frames for display walls with precision, while at the same time reducing the error rate and time to market.

The use of CNC routers ensure that each part and piece is uniformly trimmed to allow for dynamic reconfiguration of the exhibit.  The components can easily be restructured to form an entirely different layout, depending on the requirements of the exhibitor.  In essence, a CNC router offers part repeatability and increased assemble ability that can provide numerous configuration options.

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