Trade Show Booth Orange County Exhibit Manuals
Trade Show Booth Orange County Exhibit Manuals
All our clients will get a color rendering of their trade show display set design with the sizes explained. This will include a visual representation of people on the trade show exhibit for scale, along with renderings of all sides of the exhibit.
When the exhibition kits are shipped they come with exploded views of each part of the booth and include how to put it all together and the order in which they have to go together. This includes things such as:
  • How to open the crates and in what order
  • What to do with the crates when they are empty (i.e. where to store them on the exhibit)
  • How to put all the pieces back in the crates when the show is over as sometimes putting it back in the crates can be harder than erecting the set
All these pictures and instructions are put into a 3 ring binder and either sent separately from our factory in Orange County California to the client or is included in the first crate and instructions on how to open the first crate and get the binder is emailed. These trade show displays, exhibits or booths are created just like a jigsaw puzzle, for example, when packing the steps they go in upside down with one inside the other; each piece will have its own slot in the packing crates.

Who uses these trade show exhibit manuals?

The marketing manager of the client company will usually go to the show to oversee the actual erection of the set so they will normally want a digital copy to understand the task ahead. Sometimes the show contractor's will ask to get digital copy first if they have been hired to erect the set so they can get an estimate of how long they think it will take to aid in their scheduling.